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Course Curriculum
What to expect

Week 01 

Energy & Alignment 101

 Lecture l Guided Meditation l Worksheets

Energetic Alignment defined.

We dig into the basics of energy and what it has to do with your soul alignment. 

Week 02

Discovery Phase

Discover what makes us who we are.

Open ourselves to the beauty of awareness and self inquiry. 

We will tune into our bodies through guided practices.

Walking on Pink Water

Week 03 


Digging in. We will explore what should stay and what should go.

Learn what your truth really is. Here is where we are finding our way back to the original blueprint of your soul.

Week 04


We will gracefully let go of what is no longer serving us. Release what is keeping us stuck or held back. We are rewiring all the old systems that are holding you back, deleting those that are not  a match for your body and soul. 

Healing practices and guided meditations.


Week 05

Rebuild / Realign

We rebuild our beliefs and our truths. We will play with what gives you the feelings of  joy, happiness and freedom. This will be how we realign you to true center. 

Pink Building

Week 06


The most important step when making shifts is to embody the changes that have been made. Embodiment allows for changes to become tangible and fully lived into and expressed in your life.

Yoga at Home
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