Clarity l Connection l Healing


Life Clarity Sessions

  Life can be confusing.  We hit roadblocks and get stuck in cycles that we can not seem to break. Using my psychic abilities I can see where you are keeping yourself stuck or limiting your potential.

We will work together to disassemble negative beliefs and destructive patterns and perspectives. Replacing those with a new story and new ways of being.

It's time to get clear

Single session


**Packages available


Soul Connection Journey
1 hour

These are powerful sessions!

Ever wonder what it would be like to hear your inner guidance clearly?

 I use my intuitive abilities to facilitate that meeting. 

Either I will relay the messages most meant for you at this time or take you on a guided meditative journey to directly speak or hear the information for yourself.


Chakra Reading
30 minutes


Experience what your energy is telling you.

Here we will look at the 7 energy centers of your body. These give us information regarding both your emotional and physical health. We will zone in on what needs the most attention at this time for you to feel balanced and clear-headed.


optional add on

distance healing/clearing or in-person sound healing

Energy Detox

Vibration Evaluation

Two 1 hour sessions

We take a deep dive into how your environment is affecting

your vibe. We will discuss all facets of your life that can be elevated so that you feel your best!


Package Session available

2 Sessions - $385

4 Session - $650 


Year Long Support

12 sessions - $1800

Sound Healing

Privates Available

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