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The U Turn Program
Discovering Who You Are
A Healing Program -To Release, Reprogram, & ReAlign 

What We Cover


Discover - U 

How energy works together

with your deepest beliefs.


Release - U

Release Past

Experiences, Emotions & Beliefs holding you back from true joy and happiness you deserve.


Uncover - True U

Align with your truest desires

The possibilities of life are limitless and yoUrs to have!

Danielle Lynn - Wellbeing Coach

U Turn Program Details

I hope you can join in this round of the

 The U Turn Program

Start Date: Wednesday 09/27/2021


6 weeks/ 1 hour per week / Group & 1:1 support

                  Program is LIVE 

Program options:

     $500 Lecture & Group Support

     $989  Live lecture, group support and                      Weekly 1:1 support and healing calls                       with Danielle.

This is your opportunity to invite POSSIBILITY back into your life.

We will get to know the real you, the person you are and want to express more freely in your everyday life, uncover what is holding you back, release and heal old programming, explore and celebrate who you truly are and what you desire to experience and be in this life. The program is designed to release old baggage and feel ready to step into the limelight of your life as the person you always knew you were.

No shame, no judgement

Just a place of support and unconditional love.


I look forward to meeting you at the starting line of this journey back to U

Meet your Guide,Danielle

Hi there,

 Happy you could stop by! I am Danielle.

I am thrilled to share with you my work as a spiritual teacher and healer. I have worked as a practitioner in many wellness and healing modalities for 10+ years.

 My soul goal has always been to teach and empower women to tap into the true vibrance and essence of their soul. 

Guiding others to define and obtain happiness is my mission and purpose in life. We all deserve and are wildly capable of creating and living a happy and fulfilling life.

I know life is not always rainbows and butterflies but I do truly believe if we can heal our past, train our minds, and get in tune with our bodies, we can live a life of flow and ease, no matter the circumstances. My work strikes the exact right balance of guidance, support, accountability and use of empowering tools so that clients can live in the energy of their highest good and create a beautiful life from there! 

I can not wait to meet you!




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