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Blue Flowers


          Intuitive Guide & Healing Arts Practitioner

  I have worked as a trained practitioner in the wellness and healing arts for 15+ years. My soul goal is to guide and teach others how to tap into the true vibrance and essence of their souls.

It is my mission and purpose in life to help others achieve happiness and freedom. Every one of us deserves and is wildly capable of living a happy and fulfilling life. That's something we sometimes forget. Life can indeed be wonderful, but we lack either the clarity, direction, or belief that it can be.

The purpose of my role as a Guide is to help those who feel lost on their life journey gain direction and clarity.  I use a combination of  my intuitive gifts, healing abilities, and knowledge to help clients make huge shifts that reconnect them to their heart space, heal deeply,  release old wounds, and align with what is meant for them.

 Although life isn't always sunshine and magic, I truly believe that if we can heal our past, train our minds, and get in tune with our bodies, we can live a life of flow and ease. In order for clients to live in their highest good and create a meaningful life from that place, I provide the right balance of guidance, support, accountability, and the use of empowering tools.      

I can not wait to meet you!


  Meet your Guide,Danielle  

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