Image by Grant Thomas

An Introduction


Danielle Lynn - Soul Guide & Spiritual Teacher

As a Soul Guide, I help women who feel lost on their spiritual journey so they can reconnect with themselves, deeply heal and re-align with what is truly meant for them using my powerful intuitive gifts, abilities and knowledge to support their growth.

I have worked as a trained practitioner in the wellness and healing modalities for 10+ years. My soul goal has always been to teach and empower women to tap into the true vibrance and essence of their souls. 


Guiding others to define and obtain happiness is my mission and purpose in life. We all deserve and are wildly capable of creating and living a happy and fulfilling life.


I know life is not always rainbows and butterflies, I truly believe if we can heal our past, train our minds, and get in tune with our bodies, we can live a life of flow and ease, no matter the circumstances. My work strikes the exact right balance of guidance, support, accountability and use of empowering tools so that clients can live in the energy of their highest good and create a beautiful life from there! 

I can not wait to meet you!


  Meet your Guide,Danielle