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1:1 Sessions
Phone on Desk

    Intro Clarity Call:              Free

                15 minutes


Let's connect!

We will chat and discuss where you are needing guidance and support as well as what would best serve you at this time. It may be a healing, an action plan, tools to help you navigate your next steps or a combination of all three! 

Rose Bush

Single Session

            1 hour 

            Zoom Call


Who is this for?


If you are looking for guidance and clarity on a specific situation this is the option for you. 

Session Packages available.

Outdoor Area

1 Month Partnership:


- Weekly zoom calls 

- 3 weeks of ongoing email support


Who is this for?

You are looking to commit to something different. You want a SHIFT. To release the old and call in the new. To work through what is keeping you in a loop or similar undesirable outcomes.

 Here you will find guidance, support, and accountability.This is the starting point to propel you into taking that very next step on your path to fulfillment.

Orange Clouds

2 Month Partnership

Eight zoom calls 45 min/session

- Four weeks of ongoing email support

- One 20 min follow up support call

- Journal and Workbook

Who is this for?

If you are looking to truly make a change in your life this is for you. 8 weeks of individualized work to get you to your dream destination. You will be supported  on a new journey and guided with kindness and accountability.

 Working together we will: ​​

-  Begin to break vicious cycles that hold you back
​- Get you off the struggle or hustle bus

- Reignite your curiosity and wonder for life
- Release your baggage 

- Step into your power



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